SOFT99 Fukupika Bug & Dropping Removal Wipes

SOFT99 Fukupika Bug & Dropping Removal Wipes

Brand: SOFT99
Part Number: S99-4119
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SOFT99 Fukupika Bug & Dropping Removal Wipes easily remove the likes of dead bugs, bird droppings and tree sap from the paints surface.

Compared with conventional cleaning wipes, SOFT99 wipes make it possible to cleanly finish and hardly leave any white residue behind, even if used on glass or dark coloured cars.

Simply clean the car's surface by wiping them with our wipes.

Petroleum solvent is NOT contained. Eco-friendly.

1. Open the front flap, and pull out one wipe.
2. Do not rub with excessive force. Let the cleaner liquid penetrate the dirt, then wipe gently to gradually remove it. Keep refolding the wipe to expose fresh surfaces and avoid spreading any dirt.
3. In particularly dirty areas, first wipe off the dirt, then wipe up once more with a fresh surface of the sheet.
4. If the entire wipe is dirty or becomes dried out, please use a fresh sheet.
Note: If any streaking or unevenness remains after use, buff off with a clean, dry towel.

Dispose according to local regulations.

Use only for intended purpose.
Do not use while driving.
Do not open or use towards the face, eyes or body. Make sure product does not to come into contact with clothing, if this occurs wash immediately.
Do not use in sandy, dusty or windy environments. May cause scratches. Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.
Do not apply with excessive force. May cause damage.
Do not use if sheet becomes dry or dirty. Use a new sheet.
Do not use on repainted or poor condition surfaces.
If your car has a professional coating, wax, treatment and/or warranty, please check for any disclaimer and care instructions before using this product.
Do not use on the car interior, on cloth or leather seats.
As skin irritation may occur, please wear protective gloves.
Keep out of reach of children and vulnerable people. Keep tightly sealed. Store in a dry place out of sunlight, below 40℃. Store away from freezing conditions. Keep away from hot or high humidity places inside the car, such as the heater, windshield or rear window. Wash hands well with soap after use.


Can it also be used for glass?
You can use it.

Is there a wax effect?
There isn't.

Can it be used for coated vehicles?
Since the coating effect may be weakened by the use of this product, please check with the coating workshop when using.

Can I use it for repainted cars?
Please refrain from using it for repainted or degraded paint surfaces.

Can I use it on a license plate?
You can use it.

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