Wagner Tuning VAG Mk5-6 1.6 2.0 TDI Gen.2 Competition Intercooler Kit

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Updated Competition Gen.2 Intercooler Kit for VAG-models with 2,0TDI engine of 1st & 2nd generation.

This Competition Intercooler has the following core size (610mm x 440mm x 65mm), providing a 10% larger frontal area and 50% more volume compared to the original Audi S3 intercooler.
WAGNERTUNING Competition Core with high cooling performance and light weight (9,3KG). Optimized by CAD, the new competition high speed core and cast aluminium endtanks give this intercooler excellent cooling properties. Flow analysis and simulations were created to optimise the design for best possible internal airflow. This intercooler is the best choice when it comes to performance gains and low intake temperatures. A lot less pressure drop then OEM Intercooler. Anti corrosion protective coating with perfect thermal heat dissipating character. Optimal cooling with clearly more power. Kit is ready for installation, 100% perfect fit. Fitment is easy, replacing the OEM intercooler. All of our products undergo rigorous quality control. Including TÜV certificate! On both sides the connection diameter is 67mm.

Gen.2 new features:
-CNC machined hose connection for maximum pressure stability.

The WAGNERTUNING Competition Intercooler Kit made for the VAG 1,6 / 2.0 TDI with Common-Rail-Injection and fits in to following vehicles.

• Audi A3 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2009-2013)
• Audi A3 2,0 TDI 103-125KW/140-170PS (2008-2013)
• Audi TT 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2008-2014)

• VW Golf 6 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2009-2013)
• VW Golf 6 2,0 TDI 81-103KW/110-140PS (2008-2012)
• VW Golf 6 GTD 125KW/170PS (2009-2012)
• VW Jetta 6 1,6TDI 77KW/105PS(2010-2013)
• VW Jetta 6 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2013)
• VW EOS 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2009-2014)
• VW Passat B6 (Typ 3C) 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2009-2010)
• VW Passat B6 (Typ 3C) 2,0 TDI 103KW - 125KW /140PS - 170PS (2008-2010)
• VW Passat B7 2,0TDI 103KW - 130KW /140PS - 177PS (2010-2014)
• VW Passat CC 2,0 TDI 103KW - 130KW /140PS - 177PS (2008-2016)
• VW Scirocco 3 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2008-2014)
• VW Scirocco 3 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2009-2014)
• VW Caddy 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2015)
• VW Caddy 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2010-2015)
• VW Touran 1,6 TDI 66-77KW/90-105PS (2010-2015)
• VW Touran 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2015)
• VW Touran 2,0 TDI 125-130KW/170-177PS (2010-2013)
• VW Beetle 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2011-2014)
• VW Beetle 2,0 TDI 81-103KW/110-140PS (2012-2014)

• Skoda Octavia 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2009-2013)
• Skoda Octavia 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2013)
• Skoda Octavia RS 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2008-2013)
• Skoda Superb 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2010-2013)
• Skoda Superb 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2013)
• Skoda Superb 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2010-2013)

• Seat Leon 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2010-2012)
• Seat Leon 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2012)
• Seat Leon FR 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2009-2011)

packing list:
1 charge air cooler
2 silicone Hoses
4 hose clamps
1 TÜV certificate

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