Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Plumb Back Recirculating Diverter Valve
Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Plumb Back Recirculating Diverter Valve

Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Plumb Back Recirculating Diverter Valve - Mercedes A Class A45 AMG W176

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The Turbosmart Kompact Plumb Back Recirculating Diverter Valve is a bolt on replacement for the factory diverter valve offering the highest quality with superior flow.

The Plumb Back is a recirculation valve that offers the OEM-style quiet operation throughout boost, but with all the performance benefits of a Turbosmart BOV.

The factory bypass valve is a plastic diaphragm-type valve and has a track record of failing. Turbosmart's billet aluminium replacement is manufactured with precision, designed for unlimited boost holding capability, excellent response times and heavy-duty reliability.

The standard valve is controlled by a solenoid, meaning the ECU can decide when to open the valve - meaning it can be used to bleed boost, limiting performance. The Turbosmart Kompact bypasses this solenoid, allowing to operate with manifold vacuum, putting control back in the hands of the driver, all with no check engine lights.

When accelerating the turbocharger produces compressed air which supplies the engine. When you lift off the accelerator the throttle butterfly closes and the boost has no escape route, so it backs up through the intercooler and causes back pressure, preventing the turbo from spinning, also known as compression stall. By installing a dump valve, every time you release the throttle excess boost pressure will be released creating a significant reduction in turbo 'lag' contributing towards faster pick up between gear changes.

Installation is straightforward, and the valve is a bolt-on direct replacement for the factory valve. No special tools are required and all necessary hardware is included.

Precision machined, hand assembled and individually quality tested in Australia to the highest quality standards.

A direct fit for:

  • Mercedes A Class A45 AMG W176
  • Mercedes CLA45 AMG C117
  • Mercedes GLA45 AMG X156

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