TRS Performance Custom Remap (Stage 3)

Part Number: TRS Performance Custom Tuning Remap-Stage 3
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Rival Motorsport are the North East dealer for TRS Performance, the UK's leading custom tuning specialist who offer bespoke high end tuning.

TRS Performance tune cars across the globe, for different race teams and end users on a daily basis. They offer a flexible range of general, specialist, or full bespoke race car tuning. All remaps are tailored to maximise your hardware and cars potential.

Here at Rival Motorsport we are proud to be able to offer you this service exclusively in the North East, we're specialists in performance parts and have a wealth of knowledge in the performance industry. We also have technicians who are accredited by the Institute of the Motor for professional tuning.


TRS Handsets are also available, these devices are capable of holding the ORIGINAL stock file of your car and an additional 5 MODIFIED files. The 5 modified files can be custom to suit your requirements.

An example could be differerent levels of power, options like low boost, medium or high. Fuel ratings (95RON, 97RON, 99RON).

*Features are vehicle dependent, not all features are available for every vehicle and are specifically suited to the vehicle. 

  • Flat Foot Shifting (Allows you to keep your foot flat on the accelerator while changing gear)
  • Hard RPM Limit (This ensures you don't overrev and damage the engine)
  • Overrun (ON or OFF - With varying levels, basically pops and bangs - if you're into that kind of thing!) 
  • Brake Boosting
  • Anti-Theft Mode
  • Valet Mode
  • 95/97/98RON + Other Fuels
  • Various other features, please ask if you're unsure.

Please note this product is to be installed professionally at Rival Motorsport. Please contact us after your purchase to arrange a suitable date. Terms & conditions apply.

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