SOFT99 Smooth Egg Clay Bar

SOFT99 Smooth Egg Clay Bar

Brand: SOFT99
Part Number: S99-513
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SOFT99 Surface Smoother Clay Bar is a delicate clay bar that helps prepare the car's paint before the application of any protective coatings, no matter whether a sealant, or wax.

This gentle clay bar is suitable for decontaminating a professionally coated vehicle without damaging the coating.

It removes any dirt that might not be visible with a naked eye, like iron filings, rubber residue, bird and sap droppings.

The body becomes factory-smooth again!

1. Knead the clay bar by hand until it is soft and flat.
2. Wet the paintwork to be decontaminated, and gently slide the clay bar over the surface, regularly refolding to expose fresh clay.

Store sealed below 40℃, out of direct sunlight. Avoid humidity, freezing, and wetting.
Use/release contents completely before disposing according to local regulations.

Use only for intended purpose.
Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. May cause streaking.
Do not use in sandy, dusty or windy environments. May cause scratches.
If product is dropped on the ground, do not use.
For repainted cars, cars with deteriorated coatings or poor body condition, there is a risk of discoloration. May be difficult to wipe off. Due to old coatings, results may vary. Before using, test on an inconspicuous area first.
If the temperature is low, the product may become hard. In this case, put in lukewarm water to soften. Do not use hot water.
Wash hands well with soap after use.

Do not eat or drink. Harmful if swallowed.
As skin irritation may occur, please wear protective gloves.
Keep out of reach of children and vulnerable people.


What should I do if the surface of the clay becomes black after use?
The clay becomes black as it removes iron. Please refold to expose a fresh surface. When no more fresh clay can be exposed, please buy a new clay bar.

It's hard and difficult to use, what should I do?
It becomes soft when warmed with lukewarm water.

Can I use it for dark cars?
This product is compatible with all paint colours, so you can use it.

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