SOFT99 Rain Drop Bazooka
SOFT99 Rain Drop Bazooka
SOFT99 Rain Drop Bazooka
SOFT99 Rain Drop Bazooka
SOFT99 Rain Drop Bazooka
SOFT99 Rain Drop Bazooka

SOFT99 Rain Drop Bazooka

Brand: SOFT99
Part Number: S99-00526
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Rain Drop is an instant solutionfor a shiny and comprehensively protected car. The RAS Technology formula allows you to apply the product onto any surface – paintwork, glass, trim, chrome, lights and even rims. You'll be able to boost their appearance, give them hydrophobic properties and protect them against dirt. The revolutionary method of application uses a special nozzle to spray the product under high pressure and over a long distance, which allows you to cover even large surfaces in the blink of an eye, and reduce working time to an absolute minimum. To make the application even easier, Rain Drop has been designed for wet use. Its formula binds with water, facilitates spreading on the surface and additionally speeds up drying, while making no streaks or stains. Rain Drop instantly gives the paintwork a visible gloss, deepens the colour and even seals minor scratches and imperfections to additionally enhance shine

A combination of advanced polymers provides a durable hydrophobic coating to any of the car's surfaces and lasts for 3 months. Rain Drop's coat is resistant to the effects of everyday use, and its durability has been thoroughly tested. It stays on even after 5 consecutive washes in a automatic car wash! Rain Drop used as independent glass protection functions like an invisible wiper agent and repels water for up to 2 months. Rain Drop is also fully compatible with Glaco products, working as a glass coating booster, improving their properties. 

Rain Drop can be used both as a stand-alone product, but it's perfect also as a quick detailer for synthetic and hybrid waxes, as well as a booster for quartz and ceramic coatings.


  • * Before use, shake can up and down about 20 times
  • 1. Wash the application prior to use, removing any dirt/dust and ensuring a clean surface
  • 2. Spray onto the wet body and glass, spraying for about 1 second per 1 ㎡
  • 3. After spraying, immediately wipe up while spreading the foam around the surface with a microfiber or cotton towel.
  • 4. After wiping dry, leave to dry completely, 5 minutes in hot conditions, 20-30 minutes in winter


  • Store sealed below 40℃, out of direct sunlight. avoid humidity, freezing, and wetting. Use/release contents completely before disposing according to local regulations.


  • Use only for intended purpose.
  • Check instruction manual before use.
  • Use only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Do not use inside the car or on the inside of the windshield (it's intended for the outside).
  • If the car has a professional coating and/or warranty, please check for any disclaimer and care instructions before using this product.
  • If the temperature is low, the product may become hard. In this case, put the product in lukewarm water to soften (do not use hot water, open fires, hair dryers or heat guns).
  • Do not open or use towards the face, eyes or body and make sure product does not to come into contact with clothing, if this occurs wash immediately.