SACHS Performance Clutch Kit

SACHS Performance Organic Friction Plate Clutch Kit (Manual) - Volkswagen Golf GTI 5G-MK7

Part Number: 881864-999502
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SACHS Performance Clutch Kits are a must when increasing power, as they deliver more transmittable torque and more stability, offering a longer life with superior thermal resistance. Each SACHS Performance Clutch kit consists of a reinforced clutch cover and a performance friction disc with special friction material. Not all SACHS Performance clutch kits include the release bearing.

A direct fit to a new genuine flywheel, or the existing flywheel.

The specially designed organic friction plate is similar to the original manufacturers clutch kit, and is perfect for the daily driven car. Higher clamping pressure is provided by the uprated pressure plate, which when combined with the organic friction plate, makes this clutch kit is an ideal upgrade for modified engines where better torque handling of the clutch is required.

SACHS Performance Clutch Kit specifications:

  • Torque Capacity: Rated to 400ft/lb
  • Plate Material: Organic
  • Pressure Plate Type: Heavy Duty
  • Release Bearing Included: Yes

Clutch Kit includes:

  • Organic Sprung Friction Disc (P/N: 881864-999502)
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Plate (P/N: 883082-001422)
  • Heavy Duty Release Bearing (P/N: 3182654150)

Recommended break in period is 250 miles.

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