Royal Purple XPR 10w60 Fully Synthetic Performance Engine Oil

Royal Purple XPR 10w60 Fully Synthetic Performance Engine Oil

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Royal Purple XPR Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is an extreme performance racing light-viscosity motor oil formulated to withstand exotic fuels such as alcohol, methanol and nitrous oxide (NO2), making it excellent for drag racing, short sprints and short circuit racing.

The ultra-low viscosity provides the most horsepower possible by keeping parasitic losses to an absolute minimum while providing unparalleled protection.

XPR fully synthetic engine oil combines the highest quality of synthetic base oil with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec additive technology and additional performance enhancers that maximize horsepower and torque while providing the highest level of protection against Motorsport heat and wear.

Royal Purple XPR provides more protection than leading synthetics and conventional lubricants including those combined with aftermarket additives.

As used by professional race engine builders and race teams around the world to increase horsepower and longer engine life.


Synthetic oils enable Royal Purple to make superior lubricants, but it is Royal Purple’s advanced Synerlec additive technology that gives its lubricants their amazing performance advantages. Synerlec additive technology truly is beyond synthetic.

Synerlec additive technology forms a tough, slippery, synthetic film on all metal surfaces. This proprietary film significantly improves lubrication: first, by increasing the oil film’s thickness, and second, by increasing the oil film’s toughness, both of which help to prevent metal-to-metal contact. It displaces moisture from metal surfaces and protects all metals against rust and corrosion. It also fortifies the oil against the detrimental effects of heat, which causes oil to oxidize.

Royal Purple XPR Use:

  • Specifically formulated for the demands of multi-platform racing environments and is recommended for use in various racing applications. A popular choice in a variety of Motorsport's including: NASCAR, NHRA, World of Outlaws and Bonneville Salt Flats!

Royal Purple XPR Performance Advantages:

  • XPR Resists Displacement, Dilution And Emulsion Caused By Exotic Fuels, Such As Alcohol & Methanol
  • No Flushing Required When Switching From Other Synthetic Engine Oils Or Conventional Engine Oils
  • Outstanding Rust/Corrosion Protection
  • High Temperature Service Capability
  • Superior Wear Protection On Start-up
  • Extends Equipment Life
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Non-foaming

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