Royal Purple HPS 10w40 Fully Synthetic Performance Engine Oil

Royal Purple HPS 10w40 Fully Synthetic Performance Engine Oil

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Brand: Royal Purple
SKU: RP-31140
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Royal Purple HPS Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is specifically formulated to maximize performance and meet the demands of high performance and modified engines.

Outperforms other leading high performance synthetic oils and conventional lubricants for both petroleum and diesel high performance engines. Royal Purple HPS engine oil responds to increased pressure with increased viscosity. Thus improved sealing between the piston ring and cylinder wall which maximizes power.

Royal Purple’s HPS is fortified with a high level of zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additive and Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec additive technology. The exceptionally high film strength dramatically reduces engine wear and engine heat, which in turn extends the life of the engine and maximizes on power.

Its advanced additive technologies improve the condition of metal-to-metal contact under severe load.

HPS performance engine oil is recommended for engines no longer under manufacturer warranty, and for those seeking a higher level of performance and protection.


Synthetic oils enable Royal Purple to make superior lubricants, but it is Royal Purple’s advanced Synerlec additive technology that gives its lubricants their amazing performance advantages. Synerlec additive technology truly is beyond synthetic.

Synerlec additive technology forms a tough, slippery, synthetic film on all metal surfaces. This proprietary film significantly improves lubrication: first, by increasing the oil film’s thickness, and second, by increasing the oil film’s toughness, both of which help to prevent metal-to-metal contact. It displaces moisture from metal surfaces and protects all metals against rust and corrosion. It also fortifies the oil against the detrimental effects of heat, which causes oil to oxidize.

Royal Purple HPS Use:

  • Formulated for both petroleum and diesel engines & meets ACEA E9-16

Royal Purple HPS Performance Advantages:

  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - Improved sealing between the piston ring and cylinder wall maximizes horsepower and torque as well as optimizing fuel economy
  • SUPERIOR CORROSION PROTECTION - Maximum protection extends engine life and ramps up efficiency (For engines under warranty, Royal Purple recommends its API licensed performance engine oil)
  • MAXIMUM WEAR PROTECTION - Exceptionally high film strength dramatically reduces engine wear and engine heat, extending the life of the engine
  • BETTER EFFICIENCY - Exceptional oxidation stability extends oil life and allows for more miles driven between oil changes (saves time, money and reduces the impact on the environment)
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION - Protects valve train components (including performance roller lifter, high lift flat tappet camshafts & lifters)
  • CLEANS - Advanced synthetic solvency reduces engine deposits and keeps engines clean for increased fuel economy and engine longevity

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