Royal Purple API 10w30 Fully Synthetic Performance Engine Oil

Royal Purple API 10w30 Fully Synthetic Performance Engine Oil

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Royal Purple API Fully Synthetic Engine Oil combines premium base oils with proprietary additive technologies to create high performance synthetic oil that optimizes engine performance.

Delivers superior protection and improves performance in both petroleum and diesel engines.

Possess both API and ILSAC engine oil licenses, as well as the GM dexos1™ engine oil approval.

Royal Purple recommends waiting until the manufacturer’s first scheduled oil change, before upgrading to Royal Purple.

Compatible with synthetic and conventional motor oils.

Royal Purple API 10w30 certifications/licensing:

  • Meets Chrysler FCA US MS-6395, GM6094M, API SP, ILSAC GF-6 specifications

Royal Purple API Fully Synthetic Engine Oil Performance Advantages:

  • BETTER WEAR PROTECTION - Enhanced additive technology prevents metal-to-metal contact beyond both GM dexos1™* and ILSAC GF-6 specifications
  • INCREASED FUEL EFFICIENCY - A low coefficient of friction results in optimized fuel efficiency
  • BETTER PROTECTION FOR EXHAUST CATALYTIC EMISSION SYSTEMS - Patented anti-wear additive chemistry minimizes the harmful effects exhaust gases pose to the catalyst
  • IMPROVED COMPATIBILITY WITH FUELS CONTAINING ETHANOL - Patented additive technology prevents the white sludge and lubrication starvation that can occur with higher concentration petroleum-ethanol blends
  • SUPERIOR CORROSION PROTECTION - No rust observed in standard industry testing
  • INCREASED PROTECTION AGAINST LSPI - Advanced additive chemistry helps reduce Low Speed Pre-Ignition in today’s turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection engines

What is GF-6?

GF-6 is the latest oil standard and is focused against reducing engine wear, low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) & improving fuel economy, plus helping to reduce engine wear, meeting higher CAFE requirements. The International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC) issued licensed sales of GF-6 from the 1st May 2020, which is the next generation passenger vehicle motor oil standard. This new standard was needed because mechanical advances in modern engines were not getting the protection needed from the preceding GF-5 motor oil standard.

The new API License SP/ILSAC GF-6 is backwards compatible with API SN Plus/GF-5, SN, etc.

Royal Purple API Fully Synthetic Engine Oil already met API SP/GF-6 standards for over a year prior to the release, and Royal Purple has/always will exceed the toughest industry standard requirements.

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