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Rival Motorsport Spigot Rings

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TPI Spigot Rings

Rival Motorsport Spigot Rings


Rival Motorsport Spigot Rings


Rival Motorsport Spigot Rings are precision made and are available from 54.1mm to 84mm (wheel to hub sizes), suiting various hub to wheel bores.

Simply measure the hub of the wheel (inner dimension) and the car's hub (outer dimension) in order to find which spigot rings are needed. Rival Motorsport tend to hold mass stock of spigot rings, please contact us with the needed size prior to ordering.

Many aftermarket wheels are bored to large centre bore size to allow multiple hub fitments, so it's normally necessary to fit spigot rings. If the centre hole (centre bore) of the wheel is larger than the cars hub bore size, then spigot rings are needed.

Spigot rings are small and yet play a vital part for the safety/feel of the car. Installing wheels that have a larger centre bore than the hub without spigot rings, can potentially result in the wheel bolts/nuts working loose and losing a wheel in motion.

Also known as reducer rings, spigot rings fit inside the wheel to reduce the bore the wheel to fit the exact size of the cars hub.

Sold in sets of 4.

Common Car Manufacturer Wheel Hub Centre Bore Sizes:

  • ABARTH - 58.1mm
  • Audi - 57.1mm/66.6mm
  • BMW - 57.1mm/66.6mm/72.6mm
  • Ford - 63.4mm/70.4mm
  • Honda - 56.1mm/64.1mm/70.1mm
  • Hyundai - 67.1mm
  • Lexus - 60.1mm
  • Lotus - 56.6mm/65.1mm/68.1mm
  • Mazda - 54.1mm/67.1mm
  • Mercedes - 66.6mm
  • Mini - 56.1mm/66.6mm
  • Mitsubishi - 67.1mm
  • Nissan - 59.1mm/66.1mm
  • Porsche - 71.6mm
  • Renault - 60.1mm/66.1mm
  • SEAT - 57.1mm/66.6mm
  • Subaru - 56.1mm
  • Suzuki - 60.1mm
  • Tesla - 64.1mm
  • Toyota - 54.1mm/56.1mm/60.1mm/66.5mm
  • Volkswagen - 57.1mm/65.1mm/66.6mm

Popular Aftermarket Wheel Centre Bore Sizes:

  • 1Form - 72.6mm/73.1mm
  • 356 Wheels - 67.1mm/73.1mm
  • 3DSM - 73.1mm
  • 6Performance - 67.1mm/73.1mm
  • 7Twenty - 72.6mm/73.1mm
  • 949Racing - 67.1mm
  • APEX - 72.56mm
  • BBS - 57.1mm/66.6mm/71.6mm/72.6mm/84mm
  • Bola - 67.1mm/72.6mm
  • Calibre - 65.1mm/71.1mm/72.6mm/73.1mm/74.1mm/84.1mm/89.1mm
  • Concaver - 72.6mm
  • Enkei - 54.1mm/66.5mm/67.1mm/71.6mm/72.6mm/73.1mm/75mm
  • Fifteen52 - 57.1mm/67.1mm/63.4mm/66.6mm/71.6mm/72.6mm/73.1mm
  • Japan Racing - 73.1mm/74.1mm
  • Linea Corse - 72.6mm/73.1mm
  • MSW - 63.4mm/65.1mm/71.5mm/72.6mm/73.1mm
  • OZ Racing - 63.4mm/65.1mm/68mm/71.5mm/72.6mm/73.1mm/75mm
  • Radi8 - 57.1mm/66.6mm/72.6mm
  • Rota - 67.1mm/73.1mm
  • Rotiform - 57.1mm/66.6mm/70mm/72.5mm
  • Sparco - 63.4mm/65.1mm/71.5mm/72.6mm/73.1mm
  • Titan 7 - 57.1mm/63.4mm/72.6mm/73.1mm
  • WedsSports - 63.4mm/65.1mm/70.6mm/71.5mm/72.5mm/73.1mm
  • XXR - 73.1mm

Custom precision machined spigot rings can be made at an additional cost, simply contact us for a quote.

*Note: all centre bore sizes provided in this description should be used as a guideline reference when measuring, and not to be taken as 100% correct without measuring yourself. Be sure to always measure twice.

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