PRORAM Performance Induction Kit (Black) - Ford Focus ST225 MK2

Part Number: PRK-225-BK-ECU
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This is a full induction filter kit and comes with all the parts and filter needed for the vehicle's below. An open air induction kit will give your car that ever needed increase in induction. This in turn will give the vehicle an increase in BHP and more importantly torque. The performance synthetic nanofibre air filter has been designed to optimise airflow and filtration by utilising the twin-tangential velocity stack that brings smooth air flow and the nanofibre filtration media. This kit will replace the existing restrictive airbox in your engine bay and your standard ECU bracket, replacing it with our in-house designed laser cut aluminium ECU bracket which still fits to your standard mounting points.

This Kit Fits:

  • Ford Focus ST225

Kit Features:

  • High Flow Synthetic Nanofibre PRORAM Velocity Stack Air Filter
  • CAD Developed, Laser Cut, Powdercoated ECU bracket.
  • Fits to all standard mounting points, no need for modification to your engine bay.
  • 4-ply high quality silicone hoses.