Project Mu Club Racer Grooved Brake Discs (FRONT) - Honda Integra Type R DC2 *98 Spec

Project Mu Club Racer Grooved Brake Discs (FRONT) - Honda Civic Type R EK9 & Integra Type R DC2 *98 Spec

Brand: Project Mu
Part Number: CRDHF3061-102
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Project Mu Club Racer Grooved Brake Discs were developed from Japanese racing drivers and are designed for circuit use.

Provide superior braking performance and feel with innovative design.

Race Proven Heat Dissipation - Utilizing PMU Vein Technology, the CRD is designed with large areas in the directional vane design for air to pass through. The mass of the rotors do a lot of the work in dealing with heat. The rotation of the brake discs and vanes play an important role in brake cooling as it acts like a pump to move air. The internal vanes are used to draw air through the centre of the disc outward, allowing the heat to transfer as it passes.

The 8 groove design deglazes brake pads, which prevents brake fade under heavy braking conditions.

Advanced Heat Treating & Materials - Built from a high-alloy high-carbon cast iron with a unique heat treatment to every disc, essentially eliminating this distortion while creating an unbeatable racing rotor. In addition, an anti-rust coating is applied to the surface to keep a good finish.

Direct replacement for original OE spec brakes and are manufactured to the highest standards.

Finished in the famous Project Mu blue to eliminate any corrosion around the wheel hub area.

Contains 2x brake discs.

Project Mu Club Racer Grooved Brake Discs features:

  • Perfect Combination with Race/Track Brake Pads
  • Rotor Dimensions: 282x23mm
  • Rotor PCD: 5x114.3
  • FC Cast Iron Material
  • 8 Grooves Per Face
  • Reduced Stopping Distances
  • Long Disc Life
  • Lightweight

The bed in process will chemically cure the brake discs and can be done over approximately 300 miles under normal A & B road driving. No hard braking should be done during this time and once complete, to then start braking from speed. Only when safe to do so, brake hard from 70mph to 20mph on a clear road and do not stop still during this process, carry on driving in order to cool the brake discs off. Do this about 5/6 times and then the brake disc should be ready to use under harsh conditions.

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