PBS ProTrack 600MAX Racing Brake Fluid

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PBS ProTrack 600MAX Racing Brake Fluid is a high performance polyglycol brake fluid, far exceeding the standards of DOT4.

Rated with a dry boiling point of 312ºC and a wet boiling point of 204ºC.

Exceeds DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 standards, except for viscosity at -40°C (-40°F).

Suitable for all types of Motorsport.

Supplied in a 500ml bottle.

PBS ProTrack 600MAX Racing Brake Fluid specifications:

  • 100% Synthetic fluid, polyglycol bases.
  • Dry boiling point 312°C/594°F
  • Wet boiling point 204°C/399°F
  • Viscosity at -40°C (-40°F) 1750 mm²/s
  • Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) 2.5 mm²/s


  • All types of hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems requiring a non-silicone synthetic fluid
  • Specially designed to resist to high temperature of racing actuated brake (steel or carbon) and clutch systems

Dry Boiling Point vs Wet Boiling Point Explained:

  • The dry boiling point refers to the boiling temperature of fresh, brand new brake fluid. Whereas the wet boiling point refers to the temperature DOT brake fluid begins to boil after it has absorbed 3.7% water by volume. DOT brake fluid will reach this level of water volume after roughly 2 years of use, which is why it is advisable to renew the brake fluid every 1-2 years. (it is not uncommon for track cars to replace the brake fluid every 3-6 months, or racers to replace the brake fluid every single event)

note: do not mix brake fluids, perform a flush with the brake fluid you intend to use.

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