HEL Performance Braided Brake Lines - BMW 2 Series G87 M2 (2023-)

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This brake line kit consists of:

  • x2 Front Replacement Brake Lines
  • x2 Rear Replacement Brake Lines

HEL Brake Lines eliminate the ‘spongy' feeling often found with rubber hoses, under extreme braking conditions - the time when performance is needed the most. By replacing the original rubber hoses with our complete system, you will remove this sponginess and your braking will deliver new levels of precision.

Replacing your brake lines, is one of the best value for money upgrades you can make to your car. No matter the use, whether driven daily, spirited weekend drives or taking part in Motorsport events - make the switch and feel the difference.

Better brakes allow you to go faster, brake later and give you the confidence and trust to keep pushing limits.

HEL Performance Braided Brake Line features:
✅ Smoother & Stronger Brake Control
✅ Sharper, More Responsive Pedal Feel
✅ Race Proven Technology
✅ Stainless Steel Fittings
✅ Lifetime Warranty
✅ TUV Approved
Please leave a note on the checkout page with your full car model, any special requirements and your chosen brake line colour.

If you do not leave a note with your colour request we will automatically send you transparent or carbon colour lines.

Choose from the following 13 colours:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Carbon
  • Transparent Clear
  • Transparent Blue
  • Transparent Purple
  • Transparent Red

HEL Performance Braided Brake Lines are high performance replacements, manufactured to outperform.

As with all HEL Performance braided lines, only the highest grade stainless steel components are used, making HEL Performance brakes unique in the marketplace.

All HEL Performance lines come with cnc machined fittings, banjo bolts and new copper washers (where applicable), stainless steel braided teflon hose and a lifetime warranty card (there are no mild steel components used at all).

HEL Performance support world class championships and are trusted by the teams who win them. Events such as British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), British Drift Championship (BDC) and even the British Superbike Championship (BSC).

Manufactured from the finest quality materials, to the most exacting standards and constantly evaluated during the hose manufacture.

HEL Performance were also the first manufacturer in the industry to offer a PVC cover applied during the hose manufacture to protect both the bodywork & paint of the car. Previously covers were applied by way of a heat shrink which gave a sub standard finish and made colour matching future lines impossible. By choosing to have the PVC applied during the hose construction meant that stock holding and investment was massively increased over competitors, but gave HEL Performance the highest quality finish in the marketplace. Soon after all of HEL Performance competitors replaced in-house heat shrinking with pre-covered hose.

All HEL Performance Brake Lines pass and exceed the requirements of government bodies around the globe making them street legal anywhere in the world!

Certification for worldwide use:

  • ADR
  • DOT
  • FMVSS-106
  • ISO9001 : 2015
  • ISO14001 : 2015
  • LTSA
  • MOT
  • NZTA
  • SAE
  • TUV

note: image is for illustration purposes and may differ on delivery depending on car model.