EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads (FRONT) - Ford Fiesta ST MK7

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Bluestuff NDX is a high friction sport and race pad that now has R90 approval on almost all fitments for the EU and is therefore totally street legal.

Bluestuff has been used for several seasons in BMW Cup racing with shorter duration and is the EBC Track-day recommended pad. For longer races see the EBC RP or SR ranges. Bluestuff is a popular upgrade brake pad for heavier SUV and 4x4 in street use because of its incredible braking power and high fade resistance and is very popular even on armored street vehicles.

Bluestuff is an entry-level trackday and race pad that has good street manners and is actually R90 approved for street driving. There are two compounds within the Bluestuff range Bluestuff NDX with higher friction of 0.52 Mu and new Bluestuff B with lower friction of 0.42 Mu.

However, due to Bluestuff having excellent cold friction and being very controllable, this compound has quickly become the brake pad of choice for performance road car drivers in USA and Asia markets where R90 homologation does not apply. More recently, EBC is pleased to announce that Bluestuff has passed extensive road-focused testing and gained R90 approval on almost all part numbers, making it unique in being the first truly track-focused pad that is also perfectly legal for use on public roads across Europe. There is no requirement for E.U. customers to inform their insurance company following the fitment of R90 approved pads.

For customers with experience with EBC’s widely acclaimed Yellowstuff material, Bluestuff boasts a similar friction profile but with a usefully higher friction coefficient across the now larger working range, feeling much like you’d imagine Yellowstuff to feel after a double hit of espresso. Bluestuff has the added benefit of much faster bed in time has a high friction coefficient without feeling grabby, taking things up a notch from EBC’s Yellowstuff material by bringing superb pedal modulation to a trackpad with even greater fade resistance.

The target use is for all types of fast and heavier cars in performance and race driving with a much enhanced lifetime over EBC's previous Yellowstuff grade pads.
R&D Manager Steve Payne checks out the first batch of the Bluestuff NDX material made with a revolutionary process to produce the highly acclaimed EBC Bluestuff NDX Race Pads. The process involves 5 steps never before used in friction materials and sets EBC Brakes firmly in the lead as a provider of brake friction.

A great choice for turn-up and race track events due to its short bed in time and medium plus lifetime. This compound has been the choice of the BMW cup series for several seasons.

Brake Pad Features:

  • 0.52μ stable friction once bedded
  • Strong initial bite, work from cold
  • Zero rotor damage
  • Copper free for ECO compliance
  • Excellent upgrade pad for SUV and armoured vehicles in street use
  • R90 approved thus legal for public highway use in European markets
  • Made with Nucap NRS hooks on back plates to totally eliminate the chance of pad debond

How to Bed-in EBC Bluestuff™ Brake Pads

Perform the street pre-bed Fade 1 routine as below (either on the road or at the track if installed there ) followed by Fade 2 at the race track. The latest Bluestuff DM3362 and Low Mu versions should only take Fade 2 and a 15 minute cooling time to be ready to race.

Fade 3 should not be necessary unless poor disc condition has prevented proper seating but if you have time DO perform Fade 3.

Fast Street use Pre-bed

– drive 50 to 100 miles on Public road/highway normal driving to allow the pads to mate up to the disc and establish full contact followed by 8 stops from 80 mph to 30 mph at 300-yard intervals and then coasting allowing the brakes to cool.

Track/Race Pre-bed

FADE 2 – After the basic street pre-bed above is performed on the road or at the track if installed there …..Perform 10 medium pressure snubs at the track from 80-20mph leaving 300 meters between each snub (approx 0.4g decel). Allow pads to cool for 15 minutes minimum after coasting to the pits allowing brakes to cool a little.

FADE 3 – Perform 6 high-pressure snubs from 90-20mph with a maximum acceleration between consecutive snubs. (approx 0.8g decel, or 80% of an emergency stop). Allow the brakes to fully cool for a minimum of 1 hour before the race session. EBC advise using disc heat paint to ensure green fade is avoided.

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