AIRTEC 13 Row Oil Cooler Kit - Mini Cooper S R53 (2000-2006)

AIRTEC 13 Row Oil Cooler Kit - Mini Cooper S R53

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The AIRTEC Oil Cooler Kit is designed for those who compete on track, but can be used on fast road spec applications.

Perfect for race use.

The optional thermostatic sandwich plate ensures that the oil will bypass the oil cooler until it reaches 80°C. This prevents the oil getting too cold for road use and once the oil reaches 80°C, the thermostat will allow the oil to pass through the oil cooler.

Available with or without the thermostatic sandwich plate.

AIRTEC 13 Row Oil Cooler Kit features:

  • 13 Row Oil Cooler
  • Optional MOCAL Thermostatic Sandwich Plate (80°C)
  • 10AN Size Aerotec Hose Fittings
  • Black Aluminium Hose Fittings
  • Black Prolite Braided Hose
  • Aluminium Mounting Brackets & Fixings

Includes everything needed for installation.

note: check all connections at regular intervals, especially during the first few miles after installation, to inspect for leaks.