Established in 2004, MFactory has since grown to become one of the leading global manufacturers of high performance off-the-shelf aftermarket transmission components, such as forged final drive gears, limited slip differentials and close ratio gears.

Every product within the MFactory catalog is designed in-house in the USA, and manufactured in-house to MFactory's own specifications at both their US R&D Facility and multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art, ISO Regulated Taiwan factory, before being tested & developed in the real-world on state-of-the-art race cars from North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. MFactory products are designed from the beginning to surpass the competition.

All of MFactory's bar stock is imported directly from Japan to ensure the purest steel grades. SAE 8620 is used mainly in their final drive gears, with a post-treatment tensile U/Y strength of over 900/550 MPa and HRC 61. SAE 4320 is used mainly in their close ratio gears, LSD's and axles, with a post-treatment tensile U/Y strength of over 1100/700 MPa and HRC 62. SAE 9310 is used mainly in their pro series gears, with a post-treatment tensile U/Y strength of over 1300/850 MPa and HRC 62.

MFactory offer performance enthusiasts a cost-effective method of improving performance, far surpassing that of conventional engine tuning. Being a specialist in this industry requires focused knowledge that can only be gained through years of first-hand testing and tuning experience. Challenging the old adage that 'there is no replacement for displacement', MFactor have become a prominent figure in the highest levels of Motorsport, with class-leading recognition the world over in circuit racing, drag racing and rally Motorsport events!

Rival Motorsport are a main UK dealer for MFactory, check out the range below.

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