KW Suspension

KW Suspension

KW Suspension was founded back in 1995, and at the beginning of developing the highest standard of German automotive coilover suspension units, KW only existed of three employees and had an operating area of 1600 sqft.

The highest quality materials are used to produce KW coilovers that enable customers to precisely adjust the car height according to their wishes and needs. Within the TÜV-tested adjustment parameters, this can be easily achieved using the purple-coloured aluminium spring collars by adjusting the position of the yellow coated springs upwards or downwards via a specially designed exterior thread. The complete systems including high-quality yellow springs, purple aluminium components and Elastomer bump stops with integrated dust protection system, provide a unique comprehensive solution for a personalized car suspension system that meets all performance and quality demands.

KW Suspension made the changeover of its complete production of KW Coilovers to a new standard of 'Inox-Line' stainless steel. The first of these coilover kits rolled out of assembly in late 2000, and it was quickly clear that this was truly a milestone event for KW suspension. Even with the known corrosion resistance characteristics of the new housings, experts didn't predict the extreme results that would come from the harsh salt spray testing they undertook. After 480hrs in salt spray testing, the KW Inox-Line suspension strut showed extreme quality standards that are applied during the manufacturing of this market leading product, and nothing else matched it.

For many years, KW suspension have offered coilovers for fast road & track use, and have the largest suspension programme world-wide. After numerous expansions at KW headquarters in Fichtenberg, the overall production and floor space now stretches over 247,500 sqft. The continually growing delivery programme includes many thousand applications, and KW is now represented all over the world with approximately 200 employees in five locations!

KW suspension develops racing solutions for national and international Motorsport teams, as well as being a commercial partner. The KW competition racing programme is successfully used by numerous racing teams on many race tracks around the world.

KW Suspension Coilover Types:

  • Street Comfort - Suited for both motorway & road use, and are height adjustable with adjustable rebound rates.
  • Variant 1 - KW's entry coilover model that is suited for fast road use, and are height adjustable with fixed damping rates.
  • Variant 2 - Suited for the sporty driver who wants more than just an outstanding looks, and are height adjustable with adjustable rebound rates.
  • Variant 3 - High performance fast road coilovers that are height adjustable with adjustable bump & rebound rates.
  • Clubsport - Suited for fast road and track use, Clubsport coilovers features external reservoirs and transfer technology from the world of Motorsport for track use.

Rival Motorsport are a UK dealer for KW Suspension, check out the range below.

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