Koyorad is a Japanese company that established back in July 1956 under the name of Ejiri Radiator in Nagoya, Japan, as a radiator repair shop. Twelve years later in 1968, Ejiri Radiator established a radiator and oil cooler factory in Nagoya, and then two years later in 1970, Ejiri Radiator was renamed to Koyo Radiator Manufacturing and began expanding to branches all over Japan. Koyorad quickly developed into an industry leading aftermarket Radiator Supplier worldwide. With over 57 years of radiator design and manufacturing experience, founder Mr. Ejiri and son soon gained interest in automotive racing.

Officially launched in 1999 in Japan, Koyorad Racing Radiators soon made a presence in Japan’s ever popular racing scene. Koyorad Racing Radiators soon became synonymous with Koyo’s High Quality Aftermarket Radiators. As Koyorad Racing Radiators grew in reputation for quality and performance, so did the company’s desire to expand. In 2004, Koyorad Racing Radiators made it’s US debut., and what started as a few racing applications for Japanese cars in 2004 has now grown into all Japanese, US Domestic, and Korean car models.

Each Koyorad R-Core Series performance radiator is built with a robust 53mm core, and is engineered for the serious performance tuner. The increased capacity means better cooling reserve when it is need ed. Intended for both circuit and daily use, double the coolant capacity and you see up to 35% increased performance over the factory radiator.

Koyorad provide precise tube & fin alignment, and their construction is of strict quality control with solid boxing resulting in tubes with optimal coolant flow and fins with highly efficient heat transfer. Unless noted otherwise, all Koyorad performance radiators are manufactured from aluminium and are Nocolok brazed. Koyorad radiators are designed as a factory fit, directly bolting in with no engine modifications necessary, retaining the original mounts for the factory fan shrouds & fans.

Koyorad aluminium race radiators are Heliarc welded individually by hand, and doing so creates the strongest aluminium to aluminium bond, to mate all components. Precision machined billet filler necks are incorporated on each Koyo radiator for strength, durability and better sealing.

With over 10 years of hand crafting experience, it is hard to beat Koyorad's quality for their precision welds and uniformity. They achieve this through top quality materials that have earned the respect of racers and fabricators alike, worldwide!

Rival Motorsport are a main UK dealer for Koyorad, check out the range below.

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