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AIRTEC Induction Kit - Mazda Mazda3 MPS BK/BL

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The AIRTEC Induction Kit enhances the induction sound and provides great looks within the engine bay.

Fits neatly in place of the original air box to further improve the look of the engine bay and comes with all fixtures and fittings for a direct, bolt-on installation.

This free-flowing induction kit replaces the original and restrictive air box and plastic intake set up. It features a large, foam AIRTEC filter that is protected from warm air within the engine bay by a laser cut heat-shield. A CNC machined MAF sensor housing, as well as replacement pipes and silicone hose connectors to the turbo complete the package.

The large air filter significantly improves the car’s breathing by increasing the amount of cold air it can take in and therefore increases power, performance and sound, thanks to a louder induction note.

An essential modification for all modified Mk1 and Mk2 Mazda MPS.

Available in choice of hose colours.

AIRTEC Induction Kit features:

  • Removes The Factory Restrictive Airbox
  • Increases Power & Torque
  • More Responsive & Exciting Driving Experience
  • Enhanced Induction Sound
  • Free Flowing Air Filter
  • Adds Style To The Engine Bay

note: image is for illustration purposes and may differ on delivery

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